Medicare Author & Fee-only Consultant Licensed Insurance Consultant, not sales agent Neil Brown, Founder
Medicare Author & Fee-only ConsultantLicensed Insurance Consultant, not sales agentNeil Brown, 

Government rules require that consumer endorsements feature actual customers. Rest assured that these comments are posted only with the specific knowledge and permission of the client.

My Wonderful Clients Say...

>> Dr. Ann O., MD -- "Thank you so much, I couldn't have done this without you. This is a hugely beneficial service."

>> Mrs. Laura M., CPA -- "It’s hard to believe we only met a week ago and we’ve accomplished so much in making the transition to Medicare.  We’re both so impressed with the education and background you provided that enabled us to feel confident in our decisions going forward."

>> Dr. Susan T., MD -- "Thank you for all your help, and the peace of mind you have given me through this process!"

>> Dr. Rich C., DDS -- "You truly took what was a confusing situation with too many options and turned it into something manageable that I can now say I completely understand."

>> Mr. Kerry P., Business Owner -- "Thank you so much for the thorough explanation regarding my Medicare benefits. You have done such a terrific job for us and we will recommend you as often as possible."

>> Mr. Jack G., Attorney -- "Neil is professional, easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable regarding Medicare. Neil listened and set out my roadmap of things to do to obtain the best coverage. I recommend Neil without hesitation, the fee is the best money I've spent this year. I recommend Neil to my friends and clients and will contact him in three years when my wife needs Medicare coverage."

>> Dr. Paul N., MD -- "Neil helped me, and my wife, enroll in Medicare. He is absolutely fantastic! Neil is prompt, reliable, and extremely knowledgeable in an area that can otherwise be confusing. He was there for us every step of the way. I enthusiastically recommend him to my family, friends and colleagues who are enrolling in Medicare."

>> Mr. Brad B., Attorney -- "Just want to let you know I am finished with all the Medicare stuff. You have been a great help. You are definitely worth the fee you charge. I have never experienced follow-up as comprehensive as what you provided."

>> Mrs. Estelle G., Artist -- "It was good to know the forms in advance and how to complete them. Saved us lots of time. Social Security said my timing was good, too. Thanks so much for your guidance!"

>> Dr. Barbara B., MD -- "Thanks again for your help. This took what was seeming like a painful process, and made it all too easy!"

 ...and from a friend of Dr B's...

>> Ms. Janet H., Real Estate Agent -- "Thank you for your time and patience! Dr. B. said you are very good at this and she's right!"

>> Dr. William M., MD -- "Thanks, Neil, you are a tremendous help and made a complicated process easy. It's the best money I've spent."

>> Mr. Andrew R., Bank Manager -- "This has been very informative, I can't thank you enough. I look forward to a continued business relationship with you."

>> Mr. Glenn D., Consultant-- "Thanks for explaining my choices clearly. Your guidance caused me to change my mind about what to do, and I now feel more comfortable with my decision."  And then, from Glenn D.,

1 Year Later -- "I'm happy with the decisions we made and I'm glad I retained you, now a year later."

>> Mrs. Kerry R., Home Builder -- "I have recommended Neil to all of my friends facing Medicare in the near future. His fee is worth every penny and more than covers a costly mistake you could make with this complex issue. Thanks, Neil, you made it so simple to enroll!"

>> Mr. Scott S., H.R. Executive -- "Thank you for illuminating the topic of Medicare. I am confident my wife and I are far more informed than we ever could have been without you."

>> Mr. Frank A., CPA -- "Excellent, straightforward advice on your part."

>> Mr. Richard D., Entrepreneur -- "As I approached 65, I had a sense that Medicare was going to be very complex. I wanted to make sure that I made the very best, informed choices for the 20 or 30 years of retirement medical care that lay ahead. I hired Neil and he presented me with all the necessary information (verbally and in writing) and I'm confident I made excellent decisions. I have and will continue to recommend Neil to my peers who are approaching this time of life."

>> Dr. John B., MD -- "Neil, thanks to your help, it took only ten minutes to apply for Medicare. I will highly recommend you to my friends!"

>> Dr. Richard S., DDS -- "This has been very helpful and worth every cent."

>> Mrs. Linda K., Builders' Consultant -- "The information you provided us was truly valuable and helped us navigate a really complicated system. You made it seem easy!"

>> Mr. Cary R., Realtor -- "It was all very smooth and exactly as you described. Thanks again for making the process a lot smoother and simpler than it would've been otherwise."

>> Mrs. Kay F., School Teacher -- "Thank you Neil for all your help and the clarity you bring to the process. Your research and grasp of the system make such an overwhelming process doable! So appreciative!"

>> Mr. Carlos P., Business Owner -- "We just completed the enrollment process and everything went smoothly thanks to you. We appreciate the great service and your thoroughness. Thanks again for the great service and your professionalism."

>> Ms. Diana G., Social Worker -- "This has been very helpful. You're the absolute best!"

>> Mrs. Lillian Y., Insurance Agent -- "I can't thank you enough, this has been very helpful. We could not have done this without you."

>> Mr. Jim L., Electrical Engineer -- "We signed up today for the plans you recommended. Everything starts on time. Sally gave you the ultimate compliment, declaring your fee 'the best money we ever spent' ... of course that could also be construed as condemning my spending, but I'm pretty sure the former.J"

>> Mr. Denis A., Attorney -- "Neil, I sure appreciate all your help. This has been life-saving."

>> Mrs. Aleta G., Homemaker -- "I had this task hanging over my head far too long. You made it so easy and removed all my worries about what I thought would be very difficult."

>> Mr. Brian M., Petroleum Manager -- "The information you've given me is broad and quick and I won't have to spend days trying to figure this out for myself."

>> Dr. David G., MD -- "You have gotten us properly organized for sure. Each of us has received our new cards. Thank you! Hope you have a great Xmas and New Year's ahead!"

>> Mrs. Verneisa M., Interpreter -- "Thank you for guiding us through this transition in our lives. Your guidance has been very helpful and has relieved so much stress!"

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