Medicare Consultant & Author Licensed Insurance Consultant, not sales agent Neil Brown, Founder
Medicare Consultant & AuthorLicensed Insurance Consultant, not sales agentNeil Brown, 

On Your Terms

No sales are possible, just professional guidance with all types of Medicare coverage. Not limited to any one company or companies.


Licensed Insurance Consultant* with many years of experience, but not affiliated with any insurance company: Utterly independent guidance for all readers and clients.            

About Neil Brown

Over 35 years of experience in the insurance industry, over 10 years specializing in Medicare.

Contributor to The Wall Street Journal.

61 years old, graduate of The University of Texas, 1981.

Certificates in Medicare and Long-Term Care Insurance.

Because of the terrible problem with robo-calls, please initiate contact via email, which I check frequently.

Thank You.  Neil Brown

*Many people, even insurance agents, are surprised to learn there is an insurance Consultant’s  license, which is separate from a traditional Agent's license.   Nevada Lic #3480168.

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