Mcare Info Company Fee-only Medicare Consultation Neil Brown, Founder
Mcare Info CompanyFee-only Medicare ConsultationNeil Brown,

On Your Terms

Patient, one-on-one knowledgeable help with your Medicare choices with no sales possible.


Licensed Insurance Counselor with many years of experience, but not affiliated with any insurance company. Texas License #2155178            

About Neil Brown

Fee only consultant, no sales or commissions.

59 years old, graduate of UT, Austin, 1981.

Certificates in Medicare and Long-Term Care Insurance.

There are over 20 Medicare Advantage Plans plus over 20 Part D Plans and 10 Medicare Supplement Plans that work with Medicare Parts A & B.  But wait -- too much information is not helpful! Therefore, we first learn how Medicare works, then narrow-down the choices, based on what you prefer. While it's true I cannot sell you anything, you'll receive complete "how-to" guidance to enroll in the coverage you select.

Sincerely, Neil Brown, Mcare Info, PLLC

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